Freitag, 3. Mai 2013

Last Monday, some friends from the university and me were in PHANTASIALAND *____* 
It's an amusement park and pretty famous here in NRW in Germany. 
It's really big and has many attractions, all kinds of rollercoasters you can imagine, shows etc.

When I was a kid I got there pretty often with my family, with friends, school, etc... Always fun!
I have to say that I'm a really really anxious person when it comes to rollercoasters and free fall towers and like everything which is high and I scream when I'm on it... But I really have fun on them :D I know I'm kinda strange.

There's also this new (for me new... I realised I wasn't there for 6 YEARS! Couldn't believe it, that the last time I was in the amusement park I was like 14! ) attraction called MOUSE - AU - CHOCOLAT where you have to shoot as many mouses with chocolate balls as you can :D It's sooo funny! Even when I'm miserable, because after some rounds my arms hurts to much because It's really exhausting :'D It's like you're training you arm muscels.

Then we got to the roundabout... it's sooo childish and because of that it was so much fun riding on it! And just look how AWESOME and NICE it is <3 
With so many pretty details!

I just love all the details and how everything is made so nice and authentic!
Another Roundabout <3
You can ride a boat on that lake ^-^ The lake was soooo huge <33

Then we got on all the roller-coasters I already told you about :D 
I was quite proud that I had the courage to take ride on everything (I just didn't go with them on the free fall tower... of this I'm just... too afraid)
I didn't had the time to make many photos of the attractions... Just didn't think about it because I was always too flashed before we got on something or we got off of something xD
Yesss... I'm a VERY STRANGE person :D
Talocan :D A new Attraction... I love all the details with which this attraction is made!

And nowww.... FOOOD! (Soooo expensive, but it looks sooo great!) 

Also we watched a show... sadly I wasn't allowed to film it... It was really really cool! 
It's called "JUMP"!
There are different artist like Breakdancer, BMX-Rider, Trampolinists and Stilts-Jumper (Never heard of them or saw them before, but it's kinda funny to watch them)
  It's a great mix... The Sound was a little bit too much, but I liked the music and most of all the choreography!
Anyway I found this Trailer on Youtube! 


Montag, 29. April 2013

OOTD: Going to Brunch with my Parents & Bf :) // Be prepared for a HUUUUGE food post!

 Dress + Belt: Little Shop in London// Necklace: Accessories // Trenchcoat: LIPSY// Bag: Ebay
 Shoes: Clank's, My father brought me this from London <3
Soooo my Parens, my bf & me went to brunch ... and I wanted to wear something nice because I don't see my parents that much since I moved out and I want every time to be nice and special...
In general my relationship to my parents got better since I moved out and I really like to see my parents now... and yes it wasn't like this before... 

Since spring also finally arrived here in germany I wanted to wear something bright and simple. 
Sooo I wore my favourite dress and the trenchcoat with the new lace bag... and the shoes my father bought me... I feel really ladylike :)

And nowwww... FOOD PICS :D Maybe you already saw them on INSTAGRAM ;)
I really love Brunch!! 

 Tomato + Mozarella Cheese= LOOOOOOVE!
 The things on thins plate were just TOOOO DELICIOUS... Quiche + Tofu!! Both really great!
that's why it seems so empty... because every one want it ;D (seeriously, not just me! I wasn't the only one who ate from this plate XDDD)
Cheeeese <3
No... I didn't ate anything of this ... but I have to say it didn't look bad...
I'm a vegetarian ;)
Fruits and Cakes and PUUUUDDIING (haha ate so much of the chocolate pudding because we don't have chocolate at home atm) :3
And what I like the most at this place where we go brunching... YOU CAN MAKE WAFFLES <3

Sonntag, 28. April 2013

OOTD: Colorful Birds

Shirt: Ebay// Shorts: My mother's// Belt: Little Store in London// Necklace: Accessories

New In! The Colorful Bird's T-shirt!
For ONLY 3€!! I just love online Shopping :D 
I really really love it! It feels so light and good to wear it!

And I just love the Birds on it! 

Bag: Ebay// Blazer: Ebay

Also New In... The PINK BLAZER and the LACE BAG <33
Blazer: 9,98€; Bag: 12,90€

I think Pink is like my new favourite color :D Or I think favourite is exaggerated...
It's just ... I hated Pink for like YEARS... Even when I was a little child like 5 or  6 years old when every girl around me wore pink, I hated this color till... Now :D
I think it's because I work at the tommy hilfiger store in my city and we got SO MANY pink things that I started to like it ... And one of my colleges wears so much bright colours like pink and orange and yellow, that I started to like it... She's half polish and the other half... I don't know, but her father came from somewhere in Africa so she's colored... An interesting combination I think...

Anyway I started to like bright colors and just wanted to try it out :)

The whole Outfit:

Freitag, 26. April 2013


I know I said I wanted to wait like two weeks and then do the REVIEW... But I have to say that I really really like the skincare I bought from VICHY... I still haven't try out the SHILLS Mask... but I will like maybe today or tomorrow and show you the result... 

Anyway as you can see my skin REALLY got better! It's of course still not perfect... but you can see the HUGE difference betwwen before and after!
Yes the light is a quite different, can't change the sunlight... but it's not photoshopped! (I mean of course the first photo isn't photoshopped, but the second is not, too ;))

My skin feels much smoother and better and I feel more confident and also didn't have the feeling that I must wear make up. As you can see the spots are still there, but smaller and not that... ugly :D
But sadly the skin feels even more .... dry? 

Anyway I start the review on the products ;)

Sooo... as I already said in the previous post... you shold use them together. 

But I start the Review with the Thermal Water of the Normaderm Series by Vichy(13.20€/200ml).
You use a cotton ball, dip a little bit of the Water on it and then scrub your whole face with it.

It's a really nice feeling and I like the decent smell of it. 
It's really easy to use and your skin feels more fresh after it....
But to be honest? I'm not sure if it's really efficient and worse 13.20€!
I mean I really like it, but I think it's really expensive.... So I would give it 3/5 Stars!

Now the Normaderm Hydrating Skincare by VICHY (17.80€/50ml). 
It promise your skin will look more regualar, your pores will be not that tight, your face won't look that red etc...
You just apply it on your face.... then after a while your face feels like it burns a little bit. But it's not like it really hurs or something (BTW you should test the products on a little spot on your hand before you apply them on your face  the night before you use them! So you can be sure you're not allergic to the product !)
Like I already mentioned... my skin feels a little more dry than before even when it's a hydrating skincare... that's something I really don't like! But on the other hands it really keep it's promises... My skin's really more regular and the redness got better ... I mean I just used it for 4 days! Of course (yes I repeat myself) my skin is still not that great... But I'm really fascinated how much better it got in that time!
Still it's also really really expensive... but I it's definetly more efficient!
Sooo... I give it 4/5 Stars!

Soooo NOW.... *drums* the really hyped NORMADERM HYALUSPOT by VICHY! (13.60€/15ml) 

You just apply it in the morning and in the evening after you skincare routine... you don't have to use it with other VICHY products from the NORMADERM Series like me if you just have a spot here or there some once in a while... 

To start with... it's definetly the most expensive product I've ever bought! 13.60€ for 15 ml! 
And to be honest I already used like I don't know... 4ml in 4 days? So yeah... in like two weeks it's probably empty sadly...
You just apply it on your face in the morning and evening... and then you also feel a little burning... but also it's okay and don't hurt that much.
It promises you that your spots will be gone in 48h ... and I have to say... that works pretty good on the little spots... but even then not 100%....
And like I said the big spots got better but fact... they're still there....
I don't want to give it a bad rating because it really helps! But because I can just use it for such a short time and I don't know how my skind looks when I stop using it.... it's just too expensive...
Soo yeah....3/5 Stars!

Sooooo to sum up... All product are really great and I really like them all... it's just the price... if it's worse or not... you have to decide... 
For me I don't know if I'll buy the NORMADERM HYALUSPOT again when I used it up.... 
But I can say... they worked on my skin and I'm quite satisfied.

Montag, 22. April 2013


As you can see my skin is quite imperfect. I really hate it... It wasn't like that some time before. 

I hadn't hat so many spots and the skin wasn't that red and the complexion wasn't that irregular...
It started like some months ago when I moved to the new appartement... 
First I thought that my skin was like that because it's christmas and I eat that much chocolate... 
I mean I still eat much chocolate but not like that  bad and I hoped that the skin would get better... but it didn't... 
So I want to get rid of this problem. 
I won't eat so much sweets and eat more healthy and I bought some products... 
I already used some of them this morning and have a good feeling... but I'll jugde them when I used them for a longer time... like in two weeks I do another post and let you see the result. 

As you can see I am a HUGE fan of VICHY ! 
It's really like perfect for my skin... even before my skin got worse I alsways used vichy because of my dry skin and I loved the series Aqualia Thermal! I mean of course it's a little bit more expensive than other products... but for me it's worse it! 

Also VICHY is without Parabenes.

I introduce you the products that I'm going to use in the next weeks: 

The first two products are the purifiying toner with thermal water and the global anti-imperfections hydrating care from the NORMADERM - Series by Vichy. 

You use the Thermal Water with a cotton ball after you washed your face.
And then you just apply the hydrating care. You should use it together.

It says that it minimizes skin imperfections, take care of widen pores, redness, spots etc.
I hope it'll work! :D

Another Product from Vichy... it's really hyped and I saw many ads and I just wanted to try it out. 
It promise that your spots will be gone in 48h hours! 
I'm still skeptical... but we'll see... 

The purifying peel-off Mask by SHILLS, a korean product... I love korean products and will show you them when they finally arrive!
I think I'll use this mask tonight or tomorrow and show you the result. 
First the it's like a gel and you apply it on you face and leave it on your skin for like 30 minutes... than it will get hard and you can just draw it of! 

The last product I wanted to show you is a foundation I already used quite a long time and it's really good! 
Before my skin was that bad I didn't use much make up and foundations and so on... just for special events...
But now I just don't want to leave the house without this foundation... (I hope that'll change in some weeks and I don't have to wear much make up any more)

Oh and yes the foundation is like a little bit brighter than m skin colour... but not that much as it seems! That was just because the lightning. 

Donnerstag, 18. April 2013

NewIn! + OOTD.... Getting Ready for the LANA DEL REY CONCERT!

Lace Shorts: Ebay
New In! These Lace Shorts and the Bracelets <3
I got the Bracelets already a little bit longer! But didn't show them...
 Ear cuff: Ebay

Also this Ear cuff is from Ebay... 
I noticed that you can get quite many cool things from some Sellers from China on Ebay! 
And to be honest... these things are exactly the same things which you can get on Romwe.... 
just much much cheaper! 

Sooo...Last night I went to the Lana del Rey concert in Düsseldorf <33 
I just love her!! 
She's sooo gorgeous and beautiful! And her voice is just wonderful <3

Thats my whole outfit with the new things!

I brought my camera to the concert but I couldn't take it in! I made photos with my Phone... But they turn out not so great and so yeah.... no photos .. 
She wore an amazing withe dress and Hair clips with roese... She looked really beautiful! I 

And she also took really really much time to gave autogrames to the front row and took photos with them and some guys just kissed her... you could see it on a big monitor!

The whole stage was also really stunning!
 They also showed the music videos behind her or other videso... 

Dienstag, 16. April 2013

Last Weeks!
New in!  Be prepared for a new look! :D
 Chillin with Bread an Cheese and Playing Video Games with BF <3
Btw I love the God of War Controller :D 
And.... BEN & JERRY'S CORE *-* Just awesome!!
 And much much beer :'D That was a nice evening! 
On my Way to Krefeld :D Waiting for the bus....
 Still waiting... 
My Bf gave this to me for the  trip :3 
Reading on the train :) Good Book! I love Chuck Palahniuk!!
 On the event... SUSHIII! (Sadly not for us :( )
 But this! hahaha! :DD Like 8 Plates of this! Soooo delicious!
(Plus Ten Pizza Hawaiis!! :D)
And more chocolate! 
And Salbei... because I was ill :( 
 And my Bf, too... 
Working on a DIY - Project... Be curious!
Going out with my Bf <3 Me eating Salad 
And he eating Pizza! Like a stereotype couple!  :DD